Josefine Cardoni

Josefine Cardoni is a Director and Photographer in Brooklyn NY. Her work focuses on combining her multidisciplinary skillset and endless curiosity to create intricate, thoughtful, and beautiful imagery. She’s directed music videos for Sunflower Bean, Anna Shoemaker, Richie Quake, Ben Kessler, and Rileyy Lanez, in addition to shooting video and photo campaigns for Timberland, Foot Locker and Nike.

SOFTSPOT Josefine Cardoni
Timberland Point of Hue
Zevia Why Am I Alive?
Anna Shoemaker Everything Is Fine
Sunflower Bean Roll The Dice
Rileyy Lanez Blessings
Anna Shoemaker Until I Die
Sunflower Bean Who Put You Up To This?
Photography Selected Works